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You have to check this out!

When I was much younger, I loved watching Martina Navratilova  play tennis. And I still get to watch her now all those years later. She is an amazing athlete. Now here is what made my day, I just found out/ realized she is a strong proponent of a plant-based diet. Who knew!?? Well, I imagine a lot of people did, I’m just a little slow. I must confess I saw this on Elena’s blog Eat Healthy!!! Be Happy!!! and I just wanted to share this as well. This is just too good not to!

At one point in this video I hear Martina saying words that I am always saying. Not the part about winning the US Open mixed doubles before my 50th birthday, but the part where she states that is important to eat “au naturalle” – avoid processed food as much as possible, eat plant-based whole foods and if possible – organic. I love it!

Now, on a serious note, if you can do just two things for yourself today, watch this video and eat a piece of friut or have a salad with/ for dinner. Eat some “miracle food”.

Well, I can repeat everything she says, but I think you should just watch the video.

I hope when I turn 50, I have people asking me what my secret is. 🙂

Enjoy the journey and the food you create!

Have fun with your animal friends!

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