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I do love Falafel!

I saw a recipe for Sunflower Seed Falafel here by Hannah Kaminsky of Bitter Sweet Blog and I had to try it. Her post was about breaking the rules and trying a raw falafel which is not really a true “falafel”. If I can eat vegan “ice cream” and vegan “cheese” then I should be able to eat raw falafel.

Yummy, tasty falafel.

Her recipe is for sunflower seed falalfel. You have to soak the sunflower seeds overnight. The best part is you place the seeds, seasonings like garlic scallions and cumin in a food processor and process until you have a crunchy peanut butter consistency. Then I used a small cookie scoop and placed the tasty balls on a teflex sheet, sprinkled with paprika and dehydrated for about 8 hours. The falafel balls are crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. So you can eat them as balls, mash them down and place in a wrap or skip the formalities and eat straight off the sheet. I should mention her recipe can be cooked in an oven or dehydrated, so you don’t need a dehydrator to enjoy these tasty morsels! Thanks Hannah. I took mine for lunch at work on a bed of greens and veggies drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. A great way to start the week! Soooo Gooood!

A close up!

I would also like to mention that Hannah is also the author of this wonderful cookbook My Sweet Vegan: passionate about dessert A wonderful book full of recipes for desserts that will dazzle your taste buds and sweet tooth! All your friends and family vegan or not, will love anything you make from this book!

And now for something completely different!

Maggie lounging                                                            Rosie just hanging out                     Betty watching me play with my food.

Enjoy the journey and the food you create!

Have fun with your animal friends!

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