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Sirova Raw Food Store. Raw Fuel for Your Life!

Hey Everyone! Guess what I have been doing. Okay don’t, but here it is:

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I started this new adventure with a lovely person I met through my CSA shares “Farm to Folk”ย  – JOANNA and her wonderful husband MATHEW. By the way you can read all about her at Promoting the Raw Food Diet While Debunking the Myths! She was interested in starting this venture as she is very serious about Attachment Parenting, and felt strongly that starting her own business would allow her to spend as much time as possible with her family. My motivation came from my desire to share my knowledge and love of food and fitness. In order to be happy and healthy it all comes back to what you eat. Starting off with quality, organic ingredients is a great start to maximum health.

Sirova has superfoods, natural sweeteners, organic and raw nuts and seeds, raw snacks, (like GoRaw FlaxSnax-Spicy, GoRaw Chocolate Super Cookies and GoRaw Live Chocolate Granola ), sea vegetables like dulse and kelp and much, much more at competitive prices. And of course, we sell nut milk bags, so you can make delicious and nutritious nut milks and nut cheeses. ๐Ÿ™‚ We aim to provide only organic and gluten free products.

Giving back to the community is important to us. As soon as possible (the more you order the faster we can achieve this goal) – we will give a percentage of our profits to communities we feel could use a little help. For example, we hope to be able to plant fruit treesย  around our town, and then expand to other towns/cities and states. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could enjoy fresh fruit straight from the tree or if we have enough trees, have community volunteers pick fruit that can be used by shelters with in the community.

SIROVA Raw Food Store. Raw Food for Your Life!

Check out our website. We have a collection of delicious raw recipes. And the collection is growing everyday. Have a recipe to share? We have a Raw Life Forum, which has Rawcipes you can view and we would for you to share your own favorite recipes. We also, have a forum to discuss fitness and raw food and an area for you to share your SUCCESSES!


Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions for the store!

We have a flat rate shipping of $7 dollars for all orders upto $149 and Free Shipping on all orders $150 and over (only in the continental US)

Enjoy the journey and the food you create!

Have fun with your animal friends!

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