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Detox and WHY?

First of all DETOX what exactly does that mean? Well Wikipedia says, “Detoxification, or detox for short is the removal of toxic substances from the body. Detoxification can also refer to the period of withdrawal during which a person’s body returns to homeostasis after long-term use of an addictive substance.” Simply put, you are weaning your body off of unhealthy/addictive eating and lifestyle choices.

Have you noticed how many blogs and forums have popped up dedicated to Candida? I never new what this was until a year ago. I was reading Ricki Heller’s blog Diet, Dessert and Dogs. She has been a long time sufferer of candida and discusses openly with her readers her struggle with this.

I have also noted many others have complaints with weight gain and water retention caused by hormone imbalances such as hypothyriodism. You talk about 6 degrees of separation, play that game with hypothyroidism.

Have you noticed how many more adults and children suffer from allergies and environmental sensitivities? I have and in fact, I am one of those individuals. I am trying to wean myself off of allergy medication by detoxing my body/system.

There are many other conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, ADHD, brain-fog, anxiety, irritability that may be connected to nutritional deficiencies, toxins and processed foods, NOT a consequence of your family tree as some would have you believe!

I like to feel great (doesn’t everyone?). I love to exercise!

Running in the morning with my dogs is not just exercise, but it is “zen” for me. I feel so invigorated and full of life after a run. I feel grounded and centered. I know it sounds weird, but you have to wear my size 11’s to know what I mean.

I have a horse and enjoy playing with him. I love Parelli – a natural horsemanship training program. If you really want to learn a lot about yourself, spend time with a horse and you find out all the good, bad and the ugly. It is a journey that lasts a life-time. Well, I digress.

I really enjoy being outside, no matter what the weather. It makes me feel alive and invigorated!

I also enjoy yoga (increasing/maintaining my flexibility and muscle endurance training), resistance training- love Cathe‘s STS program, actually I love all her dvds. They are tough, but well worth the time.  And to help me become a well rounded athlete and human being, I am now starting T’ai Chi.

For me, incorporating green smoothies into my daily regime, along with lots of leafy greens and veggies, I feel I am getting closer to being in the best health I have ever been. It has been a slow, methodical transition from vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan food. Detox to me, was eliminating gluten, pure cane sugar, caffeine and processed fats from my diet. This meant increasing my intake from ~50% raw to 80-90% raw. And soon I hope to be 90%-100% raw or if you prefer “uncooked” food.

I won’t lie and tell you it is really easy, because it is hard. Especially with a family that doesn’t always understand why you eat the way you do and not the same food as they do. I enjoy cooking food for them, but I don’t always like eating or feel good after eating cooked food. I really enjoy a good salad and a bowl of fruit. I look forward to my green smoothies in the morning and my latest love – Kale chips. MMMMM KALE CHIPS. But I think eating as close to the source with as little processing or modification is the best I can do for me. I still eat some cooked food once in a while, but it is vegan and gluten-free.

I am inviting you if you are interested in finding out more about DETOX. What causes or aggravates many of the conditions I listed above and how to overcome these conditions. Sign up for the FREE series of 4 teleseminars throughout the month of November. You can attend the live call or listen at your leisure to the recordings. For more information on the dates, times and content of each teleseminar – 6 Week Deep Tissue Detox.

I am not there yet, but each day it gets easier and I find I don’t crave a lot of the junk I use to. I still need a cookie once in a while (but it is a raw cookie) and I do love noodles, only they are  gluten-free or kelp now. I have my family eating gluten-free pasta and when I have time g-f baked goodies. They have a new found love for salads and we make our own salad dressings that taste great and are better for us. One-step at a time, little changes here and there that add up over time.

“Lead by example” is the motto I truly believe. People notice you and will ask, “how you stay so slim/trim” or “how do you have so much energy?” It is all lifestyle choices. And now you have that opportunity to make a change for yourself.

Sign up for the 4 free teleseminars 6-Week Deep Tissue Detox Also, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo and Tera Warner have a blog (here) demystifying cleansing and detoxification along with tips you can use today.

Enjoy the journey and the food you create!

Have fun with your animal friends!

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