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Chips – Uhh Kale that is.

I love my KALE chips. They are crunchy, and I can have any flavor I feel like. I know what you’re thinking, but you are wrong. Kale chips taste really good. To me they are better than regular potato chips. They do not have the oil, fat or the salt of regular potatoes. Granted you could add more fat to these and still have a snack that is more nutritious than the baked potato chips. If you do a google search you will find there are many ways to make kale chips. A previous post of mine I have a video of Rene Oswald making kale chips and I included her recipe (here). I use this recipe with some modifications. I use hemp seeds and just sprinkle them on just before the trays are placed in the dehydrator. I add my own seasonings. I use cumin with chipotle chili pepper, which I love – has a little kick to it that sneaks up on you. You can add some apple cider vinegar and Himalayan salt for a salt and vinegar taste. A favorite of the TD’s is the cheese flavored kale. I added more nutritional yeast to the mix (increase to 3/4 cup) and sprinkled more on just before it went in the dehydrator. I am still working on a barbecue flavor. Any suggestions?

Here is a pictorial of how I make kale chips.

Kale ready to be processed.Here I have washed the kale and let it drain.

Then I destem the kale. Lacinato kale you remove the stem by pulling and tearing the kale leaf from the stKale destemmedem. With curly kale, which has a larger, fuller leaf, I find it easier to use a sharp knife and cut the leaf from the stem and then tear the leaf into smaller bite size pieces.

Kale cut and ready to be coated.

Once I have the kale ready to be coated I make my flavor dressing. Using the recipe I linked to above. I place everything but the hemp seeds in the high speed blender and blend until smooth. I taste the dressing to make sure it tastes the way I want. Add more seasonings if needed and mix briefly.

I usually have two large bowls full of kale pieces and divide the flavor dressing in half, pouring half in one bowl and the rest in the other. This is where you get your hands dirty (well make sure your hands are clean and remove your watch and any rings) spread the dressing to coat the kale using a massaging motion with you fingers. Keep massaging and rotating the kale from the bottom of the bowl to the top so that all the kale is evenly coated.  I love to taste the kale to make sure it tastes the way I want it to.  Don’t be afraid to taste it. It tastes so good, you can enjoy it as a kale salad and make what you don’t eat into chips. 🙂

Once the kale is evenly coated spread the kale out in a single layer onto a teflex lined dehydrator tray and I leave one tray space between trays. I usually end up with 4 -5 trays.

kale ready for dehydrator.

kale just out of the dehydrator.Kale close up. I can eat all of this in less than one week. A habit that is good for me.

You can make chips with collard greens. There are many different kinds of veggie chips, zucchini and sweet potato are a few of the veggies that make tasty chips.

Enjoy cooking and the food you create!

Have some fun with your animals friends!

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5 comments to Chips – Uhh Kale that is.

  • Mo

    I really need to make kale chips already! They look so good.

  • ohhh man this so makes me want a dehydrator. I keep debating it but haven’t wanted to spend the money!

  • admin

    Yes, they are pricey. But, I do enjoy making healthy snacks and food with it.

  • I don’t think a dehydrator is necessary.

    I had some rather expensive kelp I didn’t want. I just followed the suggestion on the package to preheat the oven and leave the kelp on a baking sheet for a certain amount of time. The oven dried the leaves out.

  • admin

    True, you can bake them in the oven. But I want to have the kale as close to its raw integrity as possible- maximizing the nutritional benefits. So, baking in the oven is not an option I would use. If you live a warm sunny climate, you could sun bake your kale chips. 🙂

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