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Quick and Easy Spicy Peanut Stew. Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo)!

I love reading cookbooks, ebooks, raw food books and magazines about food and fitness. One of my favorite magazines to read is Vegetarian Times. They have many interesting articles and lots of great recipes. Not all are vegan, but they do have some vegan recipes. If you are familiar with vegan substitutes, it is fairly simple and straight forward to veganize most of the recipes. THIS IS NOT one you need to worry about. It is 100% vegan. 🙂

Peanut Stew with Cool Cucumber Sauce.
Spicy Peanut Stew with Cool Cucumber Sauce.

Once the weather starts to cool I love to make a big pot/batch of something really good and tasty for dinner on Sundays. This dish hits the spot. It is simple and comes together really fast. By the time your brown rice is ready the spicy peanut stew and you must make the cool cucumber sauce. The spicy peanut sauce is here and the cool cucumber sauce is here. The cool cucumber sauce is a must it enhances the flavor and adds texture. It is not a “sauce” but more like a fresh salsa using cucumbers and jalapenos. I always use butternut squash, sweet potato and cauliflower that the recipe calls for plus, depending on what I have on hand, I add kale, spinach, swiss chard. yellow squash, any other squash I have on hand. This dish is full of flavor and textures that is very satisfying and filling. There is usually enough left over for one more meal or you can freeze it and eat it another day.

This dish is wonderful with dosas this recipe from Eat’n Veg’n (vegan and gluten-free), Ricki Heller at Diet Dessert and Dogs has a wonderful recipe for chinese scallion pancakes, pitas or you could serve onion paratha from Happy Vegan Face.

Enjoy cooking and the food you create! Have some fun with your animal friends!

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