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Basil Pesto! YUM!

I saw this on the Renegade Health Show, Ann Marie always has such great ideas on how to make quick, delicious raw food items. From coconut kefirs and yogurts to tasty entrees to wonderful desserts that are all good for you!

I picked up my csa shares and they had basil on the share table, as much as you wanted!  I had already watched this episode, so I immediately grab a huge bunch and made this really tasty basil pesto. It was so easy and quick! You really should make yourself this wonderful sauce. You can serve it over zucchini or jicama noodles. On a salad or as a dip for veggies  (if the sauce is thick) or as a marinade. The combination and permutations are endless.

I would like to introduce you to my guinea pig friends, Ethyl and Lucy! They are very sweet and love to talk to you.


Lucy, my guinea pig friend!

Lucy is very funny. She loves to talk and run around the house.


Ethyl is shy, but she loves to be held and also enjoys talking to you, once she gets to know you!

Enjoy cooking and the food you create! Have some fun with your animal friends!

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