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Last week was hectic as the TDs had spring break and as usual, nothing to do.  So, TG and I had to find them things to do, not always things they find fun to do, but fill the void.  For example, clean the dog room, a necessary evil, and one the dogs do […]

Crock Pizzas.


We have a restaurant in town that serves Italian dishes and my family really enjoys their crock pizzas.  I don’t think crock pizzas are actually “Italian,” but I could be wrong.  Anyways I digress, because I am a vegan, the number of places to eat at is […]

Indian Food and Carrot Cake. mmmmmmm!

Saturday’s shopping yielded an amazing find at the ole grocery store. Portobello mushrooms on sale!  So I bought 3, one each for the TDs and one for myself.  TG does not like mushrooms at all.  The TDs on the otherhand love mushrooms! So, I thought why not make Portobello mushroom burgers. I remembered […]

Cookies and Intersting Tidbits.

Last night I made cookies for the TDs and TG.  They are from a cookbook by Jae Steele called, “Get It Ripe”.  It is a wonderful cookbook that has a guide to healthy eating and contains some very tasty recipes.  She uses gluten-free flours in her recipes for cookies, cakes etc. They are really delicious.



Another weekend has come and gone. Sat afternoon, I made green smoothies with my new Vitamix blender.  I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, until now.  This blender is amazing! The smoothie was very tasty and the TDs even liked it. I made hummus, and it was the smoothest, creamiest I […]